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When you get older, there's a lot on your mind about where you are, physically, financially and mentally. However, to ensure those three types of health, you need to look at things from a legal perspective. And for that, you need help.

My name is Steve Wilson, and I'm an elder law attorney. At my firm, Steve Wilson Law Office, I use my more than 35 years of legal experience to guide my clients through the issues faced by seniors today. I work for families across Minneapolis with these issues, offering my compassion and consistency. Learn more about my qualification in my bio:

I Understand What's At Stake

Uncertainty is scary, and I know that fear intimately. When my mother began to have health problems, I saw how difficult things got for her. I also saw that there were precious few resources for her to turn to for information and for help. And that's why I do this.

Whether it is you or your parents, I know that the struggles of crafting an estate plan and dealing with benefits and medical care are extremely daunting. You must make so many choices that have real-life, immediate consequences. I am here to give you the advice you need to make informed, thoughtful decisions.

Elder Law Is Not Just Estate Planning

Though building a strong estate plan is a major aspect of your long-term planning, that's not all there is to it. You must also understand the implications of medical assistance on your assets. You have to see exactly how securing care for you or someone you love will impact the financial side of things.

I will treat you and your case with the decency and attention it deserves.

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These issues are extremely sensitive, and you may take a while before you want to take a first step. But information is important, and I will talk to you about your situation in a free consultation. Reach out to me to get started by calling my office at 952-250-0075 or submitting our online form.

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